Blog Purpose

We are defined by our cultures. What we find appealing, how we organize information, and how we formulate questions is at some level determined by where we grew up, how we were educated, and what is prevalent in our surrounding society.

Information architecture, website design, and search engine optimization often take a ethnocentric approach, looking for best practices within a specific culture. However, what would happen if one looked at these three areas with a global eye? Would user task paths be different for different cultures? Would visual designs need to change to appeal to the aesthetics of each cultural group? Would SEO strategies need to be massaged to account for different searching patterns?

As I work through my doctorate, I plan to apply anthropological theory to these three critical digital marketing areas and find where global adjustments should be made.

Stay tuned. I promise that this will be interesting and informative as the months go by.

Regards, Dana Michaels


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